Kim Melnyk Promises Positive Primary, Calls on Democratic Primary Challengers to Sign on

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Melnyk pledges to run a positive primary campaign, to support the eventual Democratic nominee in House District 84 and to work to strengthen our Democratic majority in Richmond

VIRGINIA BEACH, VAKim Melnyk, Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates District 84, released the following statement regarding the Democratic primary in the 84th House of Delegates District:

“I was raised under the belief to always fight for my values – and that’s what I’ve always done.

That’s why I ran for the School Board in 2014 against the Republican Vice Chair. He outspent me 10 to 1, and I won. When Republicans ran another radical candidate against me in 2018, I won by an even bigger margin. Every step of the way, I’ve championed progressive policies to strengthen our public schools like full-day kindergarten, raising teacher pay, and a first-of-its-kind equity policy.  

In addition to fully funding our public schools, our community and our families are strengthened when we create an economy that works for all, protect reproductive care, and expand access to affordable healthcare. 

These are the values I have always believed in, and these values are why I’ve supported and voted for Democrats like President Barack Obama, President Joe Biden, Governor Ralph Northam, Representative Elaine Luria, Veronica Coleman, Karen Mallard, and my Democratic colleagues on the School Board and City Council.

The change we’ve seen under the new Democratic majority has been transformational: From passing universal background checks to legalizing marijuana, raising the minimum wage, and abolishing the death penalty. But every step of the way, Glenn Davis and the Virginia GOP obstructed progress. 

That’s why I’m running to be your Delegate: To strengthen our majority and to fight for the values that have always mattered to me – the values that matter to working families across the 84th District and across our Commonwealth. 

That’s what this race should be about. That is who we are as a party – we build each other up, rather than tearing each other down. We will elect the strongest Democrat to win this race in November.  And we will do that by making this primary a competition of ideas – positive and issues-based. 

I pledge to run a positive primary campaign, and that if I am not your Democratic nominee, that I will work my hardest to elect our nominee to be our next Delegate. 

I’m calling on my primary challengers to pledge the same. We must use this primary as an opportunity to position our Democratic nominee to win in November – and we cannot do that unless we work together.”

Virginia Beach resident for more than 40 years, Kim Melnyk serves as Vice-Chair of the Virginia Beach School Board, where she helped bridge the partisan divide to raise teacher pay, increase funding for school modernization, provide universal full-day kindergarten, implement an equity policy, and reduce the student-to-counselor ratio.  She and her husband own and operate a small manufacturing company based in Virginia Beach that employs more than 50 people. Through service and action, Kim has been committed to putting Virginia Beach first, and in the General Assembly, she will work to rebuild the Commonwealth from the COVID-19 crisis, create an inclusive economy that works for all, expand access to affordable, quality healthcare, and fully fund our public schools.  Since launching, Kim has been endorsed byVirginia Beach Commissioner of Revenue Phil Kellam, City Council Members Aaron Rouse and Sabrina Wooten, School Board Chair Carolyn Rye, School Board Members Sharon Felton, Beverly Anderson, Dottie Holtz, and Trenace Riggs, Former Democratic Nominee for House District 84 Karen Mallard and several other former elected officials and community leaders.

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